YOU CAN STILL BE BAD BEING A LITTLE GOOD! learning how to add kindness to your evil.


For those who are in the bad boy/girl nature, were you aware; we can be good and still be bad. We don’t have to utilize our entire character to do bad. You can add a little light to your darkness. It’s the only way that you will be able to see.

We can be kind and helpful and still be bad if that’s what you need to be. Not condoning badness but the point is to bring you to the light. Where there is a clear and present view … of you!

There can be a good part of character without ridding yourself entirely of your evil.

You can be respectful … yet naughty. (get it?)

You can be concerned yet still rob the bank (if that’s what your life entails)

You can help a little old lady across the street and steal a news paper from the stand.

What I’m trying to say is …. even if you are going to be bad … you can still be good. It’s the stepping stone to eventually ridding yourself of all evils. (if you have a desire) Or do you want to end up like the people you see on the news that are taking out life’s frustrations on innocent people?

You can add a little kindness into your day as you go along. As much as you can handle but make it a point to go out of your way to do something kind. It’s time for us people to stop being selfish. It’s time that we start helping to rebuild our country. Change starts with us and we can all use a little kindness in our life…. even from evil people.


Summer Bradshau