YOU EVER BEEN SINGLE …but your heart was in a relationship?

purgatory living
purgatory living

#FakeLove by Summer Bradshau
you ever been single but your heart was in a relationship?
well it goes a little something like this ….
sitting here, my mind is always on you
wondering, what you doin
im out, doing my own thing …my mind, you make it rain
no matter that i do what i do … my faithfulness, it waits for you
you make me smile, i say your name, my empty nights
your fun-filled days .
you don’t even know, my heart beats for you
you’re living your life yet my heart is in a relationship with you
my mind intertwines with all aspects of us
im single … but the way my mind is made up …
it truly believes it belongs to you.
how do you end a relationship in your heart?

by Summer Bradshau © 2015


Monday Night With Me …


It’s Monday night and the bed is turned down as I slip into my gown
My thoughts are of you … last year around this time, my birthday was near
You were the very one to whisper happy birthday in my ear
Your soft breath your soft touch enlightened with my glow
I can smell your skin … I can feel your love flow

As I now get into bed, I am reminded of the way you touched me
And the way you held me so tight … (my breaths are getting deep)
You gently stroked your fingers oh so lightly over my body as if to heal
Yet the oil was warm in your hand, and the girl …. Well, she’s a fan

As I lay here, heart skipping a beat, thinking about the things you use to do to me
The sweetest fruits and the chocolate kisses … made me want to be your Mrs.
My heart is now in high command and the girl is not far from there
I miss your touch and I miss your kiss

The girl sends her love, says she daddy she does miss
My eyes are falling into the abyss with my last thoughts of this ….

My back was arched and the fire was hot on the Persian rug in the loft, you were in and out
I was round about and the two were so intertwined then … our love …..(Wait stop) …. (It’s getting hot) …

Our love melted …. Our love melted …. Into …. One!
It’s Monday night and you thought football was all that you get (lol)

I’m Summer B … the poetic mistress

2012 copyright ©

IMTP … “I miss you” means you missed the sex not the person


When your EX says “I miss you”! what that really means: MTP
“I miss you”! No you don’t miss me, you just miss the pussy/penis MTP
People say those words all the time …. “I MISS YOU” … do they really mean it or is it that they really just miss the sex you had?

Missing The Pussy or Missing The Penis, either way its gonna be missed! Why is it that the best pussy or penis in the world is usually not your forever, but your seasonal pussy or penis?
I mean the kind of pussy or penis that is “OMG” good. Never have to worry about deflation, motivation or deprivation. Just always, OMG good! Yeah, well, just know its seasonal if indeed its seasonal and keep it moving. One thing one must never do is “MISS THE PUSSY” or “MISS THE PENIS”!

Sure, one day you will be driving down the street and all of a sudden you get one of those “OMG” feelings that makes your body shiver and quiver. Surely one day you will be sitting in a waiting room full of people when you get that “OMG” feeling that makes you close your eyes for a brief second and moan out load (as you hear yourself moan you open your eyes and see that everyone is looking at you, so you say “my back is hurting so bad, omg” lol).

Relationships that don’t last often has the best sex tally. Don’t mistake love for great sex. Often times when you get caught up in the great sex you may blurt out that you love the other person because goodness the sex is so good, you actually could love them and right now while you are screaming their name it may seem natural to blurt out the words, “i love you” when in fact its the pussy or the penis that you are really saying i love you to for the person on the other end, is just, great sex…. sorry to burst your bubble boo but know the difference and know your role!

The relationship may be fun and exciting, you do lots of things and have great things in common but … there is one thing that is truly missing… the real love. For the real love was not meant for you to have. The sex is what made chemistry, made babies, made cum, made smiles, made issues etc. The sex was the motivator whether the body was present or not. So please sir/maam don’t get it twisted. Often times when you are laying on the bed, thinking naughty thoughts and looking at old pictures, please know, the “miss you” feeling you get is simply missing the pussy or penis, not the person. You are missing that “OMG” feeling you used to get during and after sex. The kind that can call you back 20 years later like it was yesterday.

Please dear friends keep my motto at heart: DO NOT LET THE SMOOTH TASTE FOOL YOU! its just your hormones speaking to you in the dark. You are not missing that person you are missing that pussy. You are missing that penis!

Don’t make the mistake to reclaim the pussy or penis. In doing so you may end up sad, lonely and even hurt… why? The pussy or penis was only seasonal and by getting it back you created … NTP effect. What is the NTP effect? Glad you asked ….NTP effect means NOT THE PUSSY or NOT THE PENIS! You will never “love” that person the same. Now you have a whole new set of issues when the memory of the pussy or penis as fine the way it was… a memory. And a great memory if you asked me but who’s asking who?
Don’t go after the old pussy or penis because it will never be the same again! You want the MTP effect and not the NTP effect.

Now, how many of you actually miss the pussy or penis and not the person? See, the truth doesnt hurt at all. Be real with yourself and you will be just fine. Now lay back and enjoy the ride …. think about all that good pussy or penis that has come into your life. And keep it as that … a memory!



Im just keeping it real … Summer Bradshau, your poetic mistress!

2013 copyright all contents

Midnight with me …


It’s a crisp and clear night
And the air is just right
From where I lay, mist … on my lips
Come here, and see this (head tilted back waiting for you to bend down)
The scent is that of a butterfly kiss
Leaning in … you want to hit not miss
My tongue crosses slowly from the end
Swirl up the middle, back and around again
As you lean in you can feel your pants
You smell the potion as if number 9
And the fire in your desire will leave a stare
as you dare…

I say … meet me in the penthouse suite
Inside you sweat, you capture all this
As you rise and I lean back to see where its all at
As a matter of fact and this is all true
Baby … yeah I wanna make babies with you
The grin on your face as you turn to walk away
Fixating on your manhood that arose to the occasion
Did you say penthouse suite with summer b????
Ok yeah so what now back to me …
My lips had a mist and you wiped it!

Summer Bradshau, your poetic mistress

Will she say … “I DO”? …


Thinking of you today …

I asked you how you were doing
I wanted to see your face
Its been a while since we last spoke
As we talked about life and the direction life would bring
You pulled out … the ring
I sat there staring at you, in your eyes
As you sat there mesmerized by my smile
Your eyes tried to read mine as if to look for the answer
That you so long waited to hear …
I can hear a pin drop my dear!
My eyes blinked, glistened as a tear fell to the floor
Your hand reached softly for my hand
As if to tell me everything within your touch
You mustered not a word, your heartbeat said enough
The air, getting thin, as you slide the ring in place
You lean in to place the seal of the deal
A kiss and a warm embrace
My lips hold close, as if to mold
The answer produced in mist
As I slightly giggle
To have and to hold from this day forward
The two heavenly blissed from one kiss
…. see “The Bradshau’s” wedding guest list!

Its one to not miss!

Summer Bradshau, your poetic mistress

2013 copyright

our twenty year brief encounter

1 1couple

A brief encounter

They met twenty years ago when they were young and experiencing life for the first time.
They became intimate in relations and as time moved on.. so did they.

Twenty years ago their lives moved on and onto the life that was created with a stench of trials and samples. There were lives of essentials that one always dreamed possible. Family life. The wife and children. Homework and sports. The husband and car pooling. Tailgating and football games. You know, what dreams are made of.

Remembering the touch and the feel of her skin. The scent that encircled his neck, the temperature has risen and released a spell. The two, that was once one..

Flesh touching flesh where pieces of souls are left. Attached as part of the makeup of life. You see, she left a piece with you when you made love twenty years ago. And now, she is back to stake her claim.

She felt your heart beat like she felt on that rainy night. Your heart.. beating.. slowly.. as her rhythm caught up to the beat of your love. Flesh touching flesh, where pieces of souls are left..

She can feel her soul when you look into her eyes, so you turn the other direction. Discretion. Protection of your heart. You are not sure what she is after.. for you were unaware you were toting around a piece of her soul. She can feel your heart beat..

She doesn’t know you’re there, but she can feel your heart beat. When she looks into your eyes.. she sees a life that was meant to be hers. A life that was altered at birth. She sees what was supposed to be. Me!

Twenty years brought you back to me. I can feel your heart beat. I found the memory of peace of love and of youth and stupidity. I can see you standing next to me..

I can feel your heart beat..

Passing through a brief encounter of twenty years past.. the scent of your being will carry me through until we meet again in two thousand and twenty nine…

© Summer Bradshau, your poetic mistress