WHO IS WALTER LATHAM? (The Producer King/Queen of Comedy and more)


   Walter Latham 

He who Laughs Lasts…

Walter Latham could have been anything in life he wanted to be. Who he chose to be changed the world. Promoter, producer and family man, Latham began with a vision that is changing how the people view comedy today. What’s so funny is the comedy world has been taken to a whole new level. Not as an individual but as a family of comedians worldwide. Walter brings Urban Comedy out of the clubs and hotels and into the arenas and big screens.
You are probably a fan of Walter Latham and didn’t even know it!

Walter Latham etched his name in the world of comedy forever when he produced the Kings of Comedy tour and film in 1997, scoring a nomination for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Motion Picture. The accompanying soundtrack received a Grammy nomination for the Best Spoken Comedy Album in 2000. Generations to come will forever be grateful for the gift Walter was given in creating the dream teams of the cosmic realm.

People are still enjoying the laughter of the kings of Comedy tour and film. It isn’t just an Urban Film, for it reached everyone across the nation. When you can make everyone laugh, it becomes a universal language. Not an Urban film but a funny film. Comedy…

From the success of the kings of comedy,  Queens of Comedy were crowned. Queens they were when Latham shook down the urban communities with the spiciest combination of women comedians. Queens of Comedy became the highest rated special, aired on Showtime in 2001 featuring Laura Hayes, Adele Givens, Sommore, and Mo’Nique.
Walter uses his talents to create laughter. Using comedians like D.L. Hugley and Bernie Mac, bringing comedy back to the place in the film industry it should be… number one. People are ready to laugh and Latham is the man to deliver.
What the World Needs Now!

Walter Latham takes it personal when promoting big names like Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence, D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, Bernie Mac and Steve Harvey. It’s his passion and desire to allow these comedians a chance to share with the world the gift of laughter. Urban comedy has always existed and so has Walters’s visions. We should be honored and privileged to have a promoter with such passion. So much, he gave up what most people would die to achieve, Hollywood, the ultimate dream. In order to keep the visions alive and be able to help more comedians to achieve their place in the cosmic realm, he chose to create the type of family and work life that will allow him to be all that he can be. Who would actually pack up a Hollywood office in exchange for your client’s success and happiness?

Walter Latham did just that in 2005 and has never lived to regret it. Making this decision helped create the perfect dynasty for Latham Entertainment. Latham Entertainment, based in Greensboro, NC, is the largest independently owned and operated comedy promotion-company in the country. Latham is currently working to bring more comedians to the big screens.

Walter Latham Entertainment produced, co-produced and organized many more tours and projects like” Shaken not Stirred, “toasts” to some of the biggest names in America.

Walter Latham can create number one box office hits and comedy tours with no doubts… but what may be his biggest gift yet…The Walter Latham Foundation. The foundation was created to help the youth with scholarships, mentoring programs, and financial assistance to young people.

“I want every young person to dream BIG, take chances and to realize that every goal
is attainable regardless of their current situation!”
-Walter Latham
The Walter Latham Foundation was founded by Walter Latham Jr. in May 2007. He created programs like the Christmas Angels, teaching privileged children to give to underprivileged children. The Ervin Outlaw Scholarship where the “E” Effect was created to… Empower, Encourage, and Educate the children, The Legacy Mentoring Program and more…

Who is laughing last? We are… as long as Walter Latham Entertainment is in company, we will always be able to get our laugh on as well as bring hope to our children.

You see, everyone wants to be a part of the dream team and Walter Latham appears to hold the Golden Ticket
Find out more about the Walter Latham Foundation and become part of the vision of hope…


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The Fashionista Mistress Summer Tease

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When choosing fashion, who really knows how to shop for the right outfit… I go out not looking for anything and I come home
with something like this here!


The dress was all but $27.00 and the boots were an astonishing on sale $45 reg price $160


The earrings were $3.00 and the shades …$1.00 at the local flea market!


How easy was that?


Hope everyone is having a great week so far .. its almost Friday and I’m loving it!


Summer Bradshau, your Fashionista Mistress


The Making Of Mr. Bradshau – sneak peak – its in the making

The year is 2045

As she rose into the flame, her heart skipped a beat … for him

He was all she longed for her whole life and at the moment it was as if she thought of him for the last time. You see in life she thought of him almost daily. No matter what her civil duties were to her current love she never lost her love for him.

You see … back when she was at her lonely days, he came into her life when she was not expecting anyone to. There were a lack of fine gentlemen to go around and she chose not to even bother trying to date… each date was a disaster and unnecessary.

He proclaimed his love for her immediately and wanted to create this fantasy of a life that he envisioned through his lust of what he thought was his fantasy girl.

Never before was a man such as he would she choose to be with but she felt such a balance that is needed for a woman of her stature.  She must have someone to help keep her balanced so that she can be the best of whom she is within.

The world is created through her love and awareness of the need for happiness and this is what she wanted to feel when she accepts his love deep inside. Inside her heart she tried to resist the vessel and release the inevitable to no dismay this relationship swayed and swayed … this way.

She loved the energy that was released inside of her as the two were one on those few occasions when she allowed love into her life. She was not one to seem weak or love struck so to keep it simple she acts as if there is no care in the world and if she accepts your invitation of love you have accomplished great things.

The two are bitter sweet yet so right for each other. She is wild and free and he is subtle and anchored. Both happy spirits and have a great love for life but can often times seem to go in opposite’s direction but I think because of her beauty… men love to drool over her being.

He wanted her from the moment he saw her and was determined to have her as his wife. She on the other hand didn’t want to start another losing friendship so she rejected his invitation and from there a story was born…

the book in 2013

2012 copyright summer bradshau

2011 BIRTHDAY BASH …Tahoe Bound!


 So the birthday went down like this…

Limo picked us up at 7pm… We had dinner on the delta with heaters on the dock… oh so hot… allowed us women to dress as beautiful as we wanted to on this chilly November night.

Dinner with candles and flowers and so… the men were well dressed and smelled rather nice if I may say so. The women made you want to lick them anywhere your eyes viewed and the smell of sweet yet strong perfume.

Laughter filled the air as did hands full of drinks. I think we need to eat (laughing out loud making our way to the buffet).

There was prime rib, filet Minot, salmon, stuffed mushrooms, rice pilaf, asparagus and the best tasting mash potatoes you will ever melt in your mouth… the butter…ooohhh.

The bread was freshly baked and the salad seemed to contain the savor flavor of heaven and lettuce lol but if you close your eyes … here … taste some (I’m reaching the fork into your mouth, how nice).

Drinks were strawberry margaritas, sweet Carmel green apple martinis, and of course her famous Crystal Champagne for the birthday girl toast!

The food was specially catered by her favorite chef flown in for the occasion, courtesy of him. He just loves serving up heaven for Summer B… she won’t stop talking about it all year to everyone who will hear. That’s his secret, he knows she will spread the word, a win win for everyone lol.

There was also a special request for Rainbow Sherbet Martinis by one of the ladies… naughty by nature.

We had personal rainbow sherbet pops and as we licked we dipped and sucked… oh what pleasure on a Popsicle stick (licking my sweet and sticky lips).

It cannot get any better than this… (But I know it will, just chill)

We laughed, enjoyed shade from the trees and then the desert came… (Hold on to me)

Two tables were rolled out of the kitchen each with dimmed lights that reflected 45 candles. Under the candles were a fruit and cake display…. one, her favorite strawberry shortcake and the other…. well… let’s just say it’s chocolate!-

The strawberry short cake display was that of a beautiful creation… a woman neatly placed on her back fully exposed as the strawberry shortcake was created on her … nipples and … other holes lol.

The strawberries were dipped in chocolate and the chocolate seemed to ooze in places I just wanna lick but people are looking so let’s move onto the chocolate… now that’s the shit.

The chocolate display was that of a man…. HE WAS LARGE AND BALD AND HELLA FINE! His body was sculpted into a heavenly display of muscle and sweat and he was hers for the day!

(Its part of her services… forbidden fruit displays)

Hip Hip Hooray! It’s my fucking birthday!

On this cake there were chocolate everything, there were even nuts and lots of whip cream. Where in the hell do we begin?

On the count of three…. 1    ….. 2    ……  3    …….. HAPPY BIRTH     DAY     TO    YOU!   HAPPY    BIRTH   DAY     TO    YOU!

And many morrrrrreeeeee!

It took five whole minutes to make a wish and fifteen minutes to blow out all those damn candles… and somebody fan the smoke detector up in here lol.

Summer is laughing and her glass is in the air as there is cake…. right there in her hair. Oh how good that cake taste… licking melted chocolate and strawberry delight makes me want to get a to-go container… oh how clever.

Summer moves over to the chocolate surprise… oh nice.  First she tries the chocolate chips that are melting right on his nipples… no toothpick needed; she’s coming in with just the grin. Over there are chocolate wafers dipped in ice cream. She picks it up and dips with her lips licking and the girl is getting restless…. what is all this.

Ice cream is cold and makes the girl hot… how nice. Next stop is the banana topped with hot fudge and nuts. She takes the banana into her mouth coming back for small bites at a time, licking the chocolate that is surrounding the area, now that was clever, and the cream that’s injected, are you sure that’s not…(I’m just saying).

The girl at this point is about to explode so… I WANT MY CAKE AND EAT IT TOO! She screams as she jumps onto the table with no underwear on!

Everyone is laughing and staring and screaming out loud as she eats her way into…

And in walks the man! Her man…. with a bottle of Crystal in his hand, his look on his face is like what the fuck is this but the smile is a smirk as she stops and takes her hand and puts her finger in her mouth like, fuck I’m caught and everyone is quiet except the music is still loud and the banana is in the girl … what do we do… (Everyone sshhh and be still, maybe he won’t know were here lmao)


Everyone starts clapping and screaming cause they was scared for a minute and the fun … it continued on!

He walked over to where Summer B was injecting the banana and began to bite her ass that was so seductively in the air, she had hot fudge right there… really come here (nibbling).

That chocolate cake was her only date and the strawberry delight; he had to have a bite. Summer ventured over to where he was having desert and began to join him. No forks needed here… Mmmm taste like … was that your tongue?

After the desert and lots of drinks… it’s time to jump into the limo and get to the real fun!

Summer B …  and him takes a private limo the rest of the way. What? … It’s time to play!

Her legs are silky sweet and her toes you may want to eat… but when you get to the flavor of the girl… let’s just say you will definitely say never, have you ever…. no other words needed! (Silent)

Her lip gloss taste of forbidden fruit the kind that only comes once in a lifetime. The kind that captivates your soul into submission.

Her skin glistened with 24 carat gold body shimmer that made her look edible with each move that she made. It came from France.

Her breast was smothered in the smell of ecstasy for two… Chanel (she doesn’t disclose the rest lol).

Her earrings are diamond and hang like a tear… a tear of joy she says, a gift from him.

Her diamond ring sits petite and sends a ray of light throughout the limo with each move her beautiful finger makes. You can even from time to time see it shine right in her eyes… can you see?

She uncrosses her legs as she sips her drink. His lips are on her neck and the girl is getting weak.

It’s time to change the music, something we can slow our roll to… we have a little ride before us and we want to savor the moment. Oh do we want to savor the moment… (Head tilted back and the legs open slight)

He takes his tongue to her neck and down to her breast as her lips, she licks, sticky from the drink and sticky from the thought of what is on its way down to happy land. I mean…

His tongue finds her navel as he twirls it some more and the way to the girl… no need for a map, just follow the rainbow! Whoa is that a pot of gold?

Her legs slightly open as does her lips, she wants to taste a piece of this… shit!

The window fogs and the heat is on… what in the world is the name of that song?

Here we go again, the message is in the music…. as the music is playing a beat that only she can hear but with each and every note, he can feel through her inner being. Sweet!

Of course we have Kem singing sweet music to her ears and a taste of what Adelle may have to say… well just because it’s the birthday we don’t sweep issues away lol… keep it moving… on to the chic in the back of the limo with her mouth on his … watch your mouth!

It’s her birthday… her wish was to have her cake and eat it too and you saw the cake back there at the room, oooh.

Now back to you… close your eyes and imagine that you, the most beautiful woman or you the most handsome man are in the back of this limo with your one and only man or woman… now stick with the story and take the ride…

She (imagine it being you) is tasting chocolate that was brought over snuck in the bag for the trip, he opened it up and now it’s in dip.

He (imagine it being you) pulls out the whip cream and nuts and applies to the fun. He gone mess around and spring one!

The two are a fit so perfect indeed, like the mold for each was complete… serious and freaky

The limo is hot and the steam is getting thick, turn up the air condition, shit!

They stop at the bottom of the mountain on the way into Tahoe, where the fire is waiting in the private bungalow.

It’s cold and there is snow and her nipples are showing but its ok because they got a snow bunny date. They stop to get pie and hot chocolate for the trip when they stumble upon the cutest little bunny on this side of the world that could ever exist.

He asks her name… check this… (With her winey little ass) “It’s Princess”! WTF

And this bitch bastard takes that and laughs…I’m standing there looking like you must be trippin, flirting with this clear chic name princess. But ok… I’m down with the game.

“Hi baby, my name is Too Sweet”, Summer says. And with that comes a giggle, where the fuck is we at kindergarten for gigables?

He had the nerve to ask her how old she was… 32 she says!

(Me) Shut the fuck up…

She looks like she’s 10 and with that comes the grin… this bitch bastard is all smiles now that he knows she’s not jail bait lmao.

His penis is swelling I can see it from here. Oh how cute now let me go over and rub it a bit.

Walking over to where he is she reaches for his pants and his smile gets wider as he continues talking with “Princess” who is going up the mountain to get some rest. Says she has been working hard for the family company and its time for a vacation. Five days in the mountains uninterrupted by nothing but danger.

It can’t get any better than this…

The other limos pull in with the other partakers and the laughter is crazy, the stories are forever. They stopped here and did this and two of them made out in the woods, while the others found fancies and ways to connect there was even a stop to get laid in the snow while the others waiting in the limo. Wow, people do crazy things when it’s cold outside.

Back to “Princess”… He is talking and waving to the others who come over and say hello. She is smiling from ear to ear as their heads turn to look at Too Sweet and how she is taking this. She is smiling at them and greeting her friends, they are here to have fun so let the fun begin!

When they all jump in the limos the last one out is the Birthday Girl…

In the limo they fall in and the music begins… the driver asks if they wanted heat, no replied him for the heat will come from me!

I reach over as he hands me a drink and I pass it to Princess. She takes a sip and looks into my eyes. I take my drink… take a sip and look into her eyes.

He holds up his glass to toast the birthday girl. The two hold up theirs as they give praises and cheers and the music is so loud but the fun just begun and what the fuck is the name of that song?

He is sitting in between the two women as his penis enlarges with each breath… I can feel his heartbeat. I can feel him sweat.

The girl is asking questions and wondering when the fun will begin. Sshhh…

Princess reaches over and pats him on the knee with her laugh. He pats back. She looks at him with her beautiful eyes and kisses his lips. He leans in with a stronger thrust down her throat, like there was no tomorrow.

The girl is on fire as she watches the two. The drink is almost gone and she can’t think of what to do…. so

He reaches over while kissing princess and puts his finger inside the girl… oh ok so that’s what we do then.


Take the ride… in your own mind!

Arriving in Tahoe is a red door. Inside the red door is the ultimate party that you will ever want to be. And the guest list is sweet…

Birthday Party fit for a queen… Summer B

(As she sings “Happy Birthday To Me” walking in the door)

Her dress is red satin sweet silk divine, came off the Estate Lauder cover model.

Her walk is that of heaven on earth with each step that she takes remembering her grace as she kisses each face. She is happy as can be when she sees who is here … let the fun begin!

The music gets cranked up and the people are dancing and drinking with the most fire I have seen in a while. The fireplace is large and is blazing so hot… I got a spot.

Sit with me as I take it all in…

Over walks the tray of fruit and a bottle of Crystal Champagne… six glasses and a grin… aw, my friends.

They walk over with a smile on their face, hugging and kissing and singing praise. But it’s not about me it’s about the blessing… the gift God gave me. But back to this party… wow! This is crazy!

I see Reece over there and look there is (your name here). And (your name here) just stepped out of the limo. Only the best and the elite are at this event. They even flew in Barnes, chief in government. He’s a huge fan of “The Bradshau Hotel” with its private entry features and all, happy to show up at any event that’s hosted by the misses.

Kim and Kevin walk over to the bar and there they mix conversation with Lester who will one day become their number one financer little do they know, I plan a hell of a show. The guest list aren’t just people to have fun, it’s about what we can do for each other, each talent exposed.

The party had some of her favorite few; Pam and Sam were of course the first to arrive to make sure everything was complete. “The man” was a no show, not good for the two at this time, but over there… bring your ass over here Johnny Blaze is in the house! It was his birthday a few days ago… Happy Birthday love!

This party is getting better and better unless you add in the fact that that dude over there is wearing leather… who the hell is that and what is in the front of his pants, oh my Gosh I can’t help but to stare….

Now… someone had a gift on the table that was a large Gold box with Red bow. I couldn’t help but to continue to stare as if it were different. My mind eventually ventured over and opened the top… SHUT THE FUCK UP!

The note read,” I love You more than ever! Happy Birthday Beautiful one”!

It was 45 bottles of Crystal Champagne!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF, who gets gifts like this! This is the “excuse my French” shit! (You know I’m French right?)

The note also read, “45 bottles …one for the next 45 years”…

Here’s to good friends, how sweet! (But you know how I drink right? lol)

Aw… the gift, it was from him, her man

There were politicians shooting the shit with everyday common folk, there were employees and family and anyone you would want to know. The party was off the hook from the moment it was created, and look at Slick over there, trying to play it nice. The rest of the ladies, Mika and Twan are having the time of their lives, there are single men like crazy and that one… he has a wife.

The food is to die for and the desert just the same, but waits… IT’S TIME FOR CAKE!

And with that came a piece of a dream… at least to him it seemed. lol

A band was set up just on the stage and the music they started playing made her stop and stare…

I know that man that walked out on that stage is not KEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no….

The chef rolled out the cake at about the same time this man starts singing and I CANT THINK OF WHAT THE NAME OF THAT DAMN SONG IS! …

It’s fucking Kem!

The girl is jumping up and down and I’m trying to keep my composure… it’s my fucking birthday and the candles light up the moment.

Kem is singing “I found heaven in you” as my man is on one knee, with a ring! (My eyes do not believe this shit)

He has a ring and he is on his knee while Kem is singing he found heaven in me. The candles are glowing and asking for help but my knees can’t move in this fucking tight dress…. help!

He said, “The man I use to be is gone”!

It’s right there inside your heart, as the music continues…

You’re the love of a lifetime and I find my strength in you girl…. YES!

Yes I say as I twirl my tight dress and my smile I change to a kiss!

The people have stopped breathing as the music played anticipating her reply as each minute went by…

Cheers erupt as he jumps off his knee and swoops her off her feet! Ooh wee Summer B what you gone do to me!

The lights flicker on and off and Kem says “congratulations to the couple, I turn the mic over to my friend”… and who and behold steps out of the rim but El Debarge who starts singing…

“Such a lonely place without you”…. I cannot believe this! El Debarge and Kem… now you know I gotta be right back after this… I gotta hook my dude up for this shit! I’m just saying…

The people are having a great time, the drinks seem to never stop and the smile on Summer’s face is that of…. an angel, if I may say so myself.

The waiter brings out the champagne for the toast; he takes the mic and proceeds to speak to his future wife…

Her girls, Kelly, Shenida, Nicole, Carmen and more are standing close with smiles and tears as he takes her by the hand and sits her in the chair. His voice softly spoken as he looks her in the eyes… (I cry)

“You hide from love so you are never hurt and I can promise you that I will never hurt you on purpose. You keep your distance so your expectations of others don’t destroy your love for them but I can promise you that I will remain forever by your side, for the rest of my life. (The tears are really falling in front of all these people who didn’t even know I could cry) You pretend to not care when you carry the care of the whole world inside your small but large heart. I promise that I will fill your heart with only love and protect it from the dangers of others. Your beauty is not what’s on your outside, it’s what’s on your inside, and that’s what I fell in love with. Your willingness to love, your desire to live. I promise that I will be your first, your last and your everything…for the rest of my life. Summer B I promise to love you unconditionally”!

(Kem starts singing; when you are standing here with me, I can see everything in me. You are the life that feeds the soul, girl you are everything divine. In your love I will learn my wings to fly, in your heart I will make my home, in your love I will come to you, here’s to our love “I do”, oh … yeah!)

The cake that is tall and the candles still lit is rolled over at this every moment as he says, “baby make a wish”!

And with that, she looks at him, closes her eyes and when she opened them, there as tears rolled down her face was a vision of…. her father.

She blinked twice and found the tissue … her wish unspoken to anyone to hear except God

The ladies run over to see the ring, bling bling lol and the men pull out the cigars. Her glow is that of the moon on a clear and crispy day.

The music gets crankin and the people get loud, the cake gets thrown here and fro… you know how they do.

When the night was all over and the two made their way to their private cabin, they held hands as they entered like two little kids.

He closed the door behind them, slapped Summer B on the ass and said to her as she walked down the hallway looking back shyly at him and then at her ring…

(He said) “Baby… you’ve just been Jinxed”!


When’s the wedding? ITS NEW YEARS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Meet you in Vegas… the honeymoon suite!

COMING SOON; “the making of Mr. Bradshau”

2011 copyright summer bradshau officially