Obviously, yet randomly, the brain has simply fallen asleep,

Isn’t it obvious by the reactions to everyday people you meet?

Obliviousness to the obviousness is the new fad and theme

Isn’t it scary how the intertwine of the mind seems to lack …. Almost everything?

It’s clearly obvious that one is oblivious to the basic game of life.

Rid of your strife …


Don’t be so oblivious to the obvious!


(2016 Summer Bradshau)




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YOU EVER BEEN SINGLE …but your heart was in a relationship?

purgatory living
purgatory living

#FakeLove by Summer Bradshau
you ever been single but your heart was in a relationship?
well it goes a little something like this ….
sitting here, my mind is always on you
wondering, what you doin
im out, doing my own thing …my mind, you make it rain
no matter that i do what i do … my faithfulness, it waits for you
you make me smile, i say your name, my empty nights
your fun-filled days .
you don’t even know, my heart beats for you
you’re living your life yet my heart is in a relationship with you
my mind intertwines with all aspects of us
im single … but the way my mind is made up …
it truly believes it belongs to you.
how do you end a relationship in your heart?

by Summer Bradshau © 2015

Are you a HOLIDAY CHRISTIAN or an Everyday Saint?

Are you a HOLIDAY CHRISTIAN or an Everyday Saint?1 1 easter

Are you a holiday Christian? A holiday Christian is someone who on certain religious holidays come out and participate but the rest of the year you kind of don’t see or hear them. Someone who is full of Christmas spirit and tales about Jesus and the season and come January they are not in church and you don’t see or hear them until Easter time when it s time to dress up again and come on out. Let’s not forget mother’s day when you get to put on your big hat and pretty dress you just purchased. There has been calls for participation from church members and donations for this or that and you have not seem to be around for anything not even church and here you are in your pretty yellow Easter dress strutting your stuff to the front pews.

Holiday Christian or do you live for Jesus everyday? Do you practice living according to the word and the laws of the land? Are you a helper and a healer and will do all that you can do for your fellow-man? Are you a holiday Christian or everyday saint? I need you to allow yourself time before answering that question because your first thought will be the real thought of your reality which will shoot up to God and then when that first thought bounces back to you, you may alter and create a detour depending on how ashamed or embarrassed you feel if in fact you are a holiday Christian and not an everyday saint?

What? I’m just asking…

Don’t take things literal or personal. Not directed to anyone in general. It’s just something for EVERYONE to think about!



the fairytale begins…

1 manelevator

the fairytale begins..

imagine long legs that seem to fall into place as they sway back and
forth unto you upon the arrival

i felt something in my heart for the first time, it skipped a beat
visions of her danced and pranced as I reminisced
sultry eyes and a stature so pure
silk satin creamy flavor

penetrating style and that pouty smile
she touched my arm and my heart she then won
it was pounding and pounding i was loosing my mind
lips to my ear in a whisper of a sound

no stockings on her feet and the scent of her love
I was ejecting beads of mist on the palms of my hands
as my mouth opened wide to express my claim

she whispered, “My love for you is running down my thighs
I am in the penthouse suite, bathing in crystal champagne.. they
will deliver chocolate covered strawberries and a can of whip cream
I will expect you to arrive in a few, let me give you a picture of
the art that’s in store for you”..

She opened her coat, inside caramel skin, lace and satin and a body
that makes your head spin..

off into the elevator she went as i watched from the cloud i was on
up to the top, button red and on the P, penthouse suite.. my heart skipped a beat
I asked for a drink, swiped my lips, fixed my pants
fingers flow through my hair in an attempt to be a man
heading towards the elevator door
push the button and it opens as my heart pounds harder
i think people can hear, ” in a bath of crystal and a can of whip cream”..
my phone rings…

I’m sweating faster than a pig in a pen, manhood directing my steps
and the phone keeps ringing.

elevator door begins to close and I’m looking at the screen
caller id says its the wife, you gotta pick up the kids at three
you look at the buttons that’s waiting for you to push P
you push the button that says open
step out into the lobby of the hotel
look back at the elevator door as you drop your head onto the floor

it seems as if time has stood still
lost in the fairytale of the unreal…

Man up and come again!





How do we survive if you keep changing the one thing that we need to keep history alive?
We are losing our family photos but especially videos on vh1’s and dvd. Twenty years from now what are we going to be? How do we save the family history?

Please print your family photos… Create photo albums for your family to enjoy. Keep the tradition of history alive. If you store your photos in your cell phone and computer, how will you be able to leave your family history for your family to have as keepsake and genetic history record? Our children should have detailed photos of family so that in life we have that history and information to keep the family alive and together. Write on the back of the photos the names of the people in the photos and the age of the people etc. so that your family knows when those photos were taken and who the people are.

What a joy to have. Generation after generation has enjoyed the photo albums of their grandparents and parents and so should our children and their children to come. Let’s not delete ourselves from history… we work hard to carry our family name, not to keep and record it would be devastating to our legacy.

2013COPYRIGHT Summer Bradshau

Midnight with me …


It’s a crisp and clear night
And the air is just right
From where I lay, mist … on my lips
Come here, and see this (head tilted back waiting for you to bend down)
The scent is that of a butterfly kiss
Leaning in … you want to hit not miss
My tongue crosses slowly from the end
Swirl up the middle, back and around again
As you lean in you can feel your pants
You smell the potion as if number 9
And the fire in your desire will leave a stare
as you dare…

I say … meet me in the penthouse suite
Inside you sweat, you capture all this
As you rise and I lean back to see where its all at
As a matter of fact and this is all true
Baby … yeah I wanna make babies with you
The grin on your face as you turn to walk away
Fixating on your manhood that arose to the occasion
Did you say penthouse suite with summer b????
Ok yeah so what now back to me …
My lips had a mist and you wiped it!

Summer Bradshau, your poetic mistress
©2013 http://www.bradshaucompany.com