BORN WITHOUT PREJUDICE; United we sacrifice!


We are people born without permission.. not given a choice in parents, family, race or religion.

We were not given classes on life nor taught truly about naughty and nice.

Now that we’re old though it’s up to us to decide … throw all that shit out the window and lets be one .. UNITED!

#screwraceandreligion its time we #UNITE! #oneworld #allcountriesunite

… summer bradshau, your poetic mistress 2017 copyright and contiguous




Obviously, yet randomly, the brain has simply fallen asleep,

Isn’t it obvious by the reactions to everyday people you meet?

Obliviousness to the obviousness is the new fad and theme

Isn’t it scary how the intertwine of the mind seems to lack …. Almost everything?

It’s clearly obvious that one is oblivious to the basic game of life.

Rid of your strife …


Don’t be so oblivious to the obvious!


(2016 Summer Bradshau)




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Looking for “Christ”mas in all the wrong places!



As I woke up alone this Christmas morning, no tree, no gifts, no family or friends and nothing to do, so I decided today being Christmas would be about the reason for the season, Jesus. It’s his birthday after all so I decided to take a walk and find Christmas and all that Christmas brings.

It snowed last night, right on time for Christmas, so the air was clear and crisp and the view of the streets were priceless. Just enough snow to let you know, Santa was here.
I actually didn’t know why I was outside but as I walked, the mission became very clear. To be one with God on this day, to allow him to share with me what Christmas brings (his son Jesus).
LOOKING FOR CHRISTMAS in all the wrong places, as we all often do.
As I walked, my first reminder of “Christ”mas was a church on the street corner. As I walked by the church with Christmas wreaths on its doors, the spirit spoke to me and It stopped me dead in my tracks. I had to pull the camera out and take a picture. The spirit said, “the doors of the church are open”!


I have often heard this many of times in the church, “the doors of the church are open”, as the preacher preached and asked for new members and it made me wonder, “why aren’t the doors of the church open on Christmas day”? ALL DAY!

I mean Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ yet as I walked many miles in my quest to find Christmas, the doors to many churches were closed and empty.

In my heart, I see open doors, I see people piling in to celebrate Jesus. Lighting a candle in his honor, singing him praises, at all hours of Christmas day. What a perfect way for those who are alone to be able to feel the love that Christmas brings. To honor Jesus and his ultimate sacrifice.


So I continued my walk and my wonder in the empty streets that were blessed with snow on Christmas day, yet not enough for the kids to play.
As cars passed by, there were no HAPPY HOLIDAY WAVES or smiles on anyone’s face. Some wore Christmas hats and others wore faces of stress as they hurried along their merry way.

I ventured into downtown where it’s always busy, only to find the streets so empty, no creature was stirring, not even a mouse. I passed by many churches along the way, closed doors is all they say. I couldn’t find Christmas anywhere.

The sandwich shop was empty, no one waiting in line to eat. The coffee shop was shut down, no one roasting beans at its peak.


There was the music store not playing any tunes and the mad hatter bar and grill was on chill.

mad hatter.JPG

The further I walked the emptier the streets got and the churches, kept coming my way, yet I didn’t stray, I kept hope alive in finding Christmas today. I passed a beautiful Ice sculpture and Christmas wreaths and finally a human came trotting by, I happily exclaimed “Merry Christmas”, only to hear absolutely nothing in return. No one was home, as he hurried on. Oh well.

What’s funny is, this walk was completely narrated by Jesus with every step that I took, like I was writing a book. OKayyy….. so, God was in complete control, I get this. I am out looking for his son so what was I expecting. Nothing but the best intentions.

The only place that showed signs of activity and people were at the hotel downtown. There were cars and a few people, a family of such, walking to their car. Skipping and playing along the way with smiles on their face. That made my day. I moved on.


I wondered what happened to the lonely people today, what was open that would allow them human contact so they didn’t feel alone. Where could they go to not feel so sad and lonely?  I took pictures of the things I saw so that I would not forget, the city has shut down so that they can celebrate today but what are they celebrating? Could it be …. Christmas or Jesus or nothing at all. Maybe just a quiet day to not work or deal with life, for just one day.

I walked, in the cold as my feet began to get tired, my love for Christ carried me further. I’m on a mission to find Christmas and I can’t let my sore feet stop me.
I’ve walked so far, yet I haven’t found Jesus. . . as I turn the corner to head back in a different direction, I pass by more churches with closed doors and empty parking lots.

The businesses were empty, the parking meters were just the same and Jesus was to blame. There was no one at the print shop to get papers printed. The attorney office was closed, no one to bail out in time to go home for Christmas.


The local library read CLOSED for the day, and as I passed the GREYHOUND bus station, there was no one there to greet me. Empty, as if the world ended last night while I was sleeping.

My feet are tired and the narrations are dwindling …
I see more churches, beautiful as they stand yet because they are empty, I begin to wonder. The doors of the church should be open today, for the people who wish to worship Jesus in their own way. Where do I go and what do I do? I was beginning to have no clue. But then again, God was speaking to me and Jesus was walking with me as I took each step… remember, he’s my narrator.


I see the city park and there is a very large Christmas Tree, let’s go see!
I make my way over to the tree and there is no one there singing …no Christmas carols or praises to Jesus. Just empty, yet the plaque reads, it was gifted for people and “the gathering”. Yet today, no one cared to gather, and sing yule time themes.


I pause, I prayed, I continued on my way when I’m stopped in amazement as what I hear in the background somewhere …omg I stopped and starred … behind me, its coming from behind me, the sound of what Christmas brings, so I quickly pulled out my video and start recording so I don’t forget that sound. ITS THE SOUND OF CHRISTMAS MUSIC BEING PLAYED OUT-LOUD!

The entire surrounding of the church on the corner and I need to be a part of this, so as I record, I start walking. Walking faster and faster as I enjoy the noise of Christmas carols played with love.

As I get closer and I cross the street, I arrive with a smile on my face, only for the music to silently fade away. IT STOPPED! OH NO … are you serious?

I thought I found Christmas yet it was just for that moment and I’m assuming it was to help me understand where exactly Christmas is. It wasn’t at that church, that’s for sure.
I began my journey home, empty handed and empty heart, when God spoke to me this:

“Christmas is all about my son Jesus and you cannot find him anywhere but here” (as he pointed to my heart) and he explained that what I was looking for was already inside of me. ‘The bible my dear child is what CHRISTMAS brings”. It brings the TRUTH about Christmas and the story to be told, and however you celebrate Jesus will be your CHRISTMAS!


To honor, to love and to obey, that’s how you find Christmas today!
I kept walking in the direction of home, for there was no need to keep looking for Christmas, or Jesus in this ice cold.

I passed by the empty fire station, no sirens going off and no flag at half staff. I passed by the empty train tracks, no trains delivering goods today. I passed by house after house and what I see, some acknowledge with Christmas decorations and wreaths. The local news paper company was empty as a cave, no stories about Jesus on this Christmas day.


I saw through a window, a few gathered around the Christmas tree, wearing Santa hats and laughing. Made me smile as I head home alone, taking pictures of the reminders of what Christmas is to some.

As I walked I began to pray for every house and business that I passed and my feet touched its pathways, praying for their peace and happiness for today… my walk was not done in vain. It taught me where to find CHRISTMAS in the most amazing type of way.


I picked up pine cones and kicked a few rocks … I FINALLY FOUND JESUS/CHRISTMAS and he was always in my heart.
We spend so much time, shopping for gifts and spending money on useless things, we forget the true meaning of Christmas. Jesus was born as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins, doesn’t he deserve to have a seat at your table or a gift under your tree? What are you doing to celebrate Jesus on a day set aside for him?




Summer N. Bradshau


copyright 2015

Penetrate my soul



As you lay… your thoughts are of me

you lay next to me its 5 am

my favorite time of the morning

my body is warm and the steam is light

the creme of my desire

you look over at me as i sleep

in your mind ….

my eyes ….you can see how amazing

you are to me. every time I look at you

my heart skips a beat…you are the reason i breathe

my lips … you touch with your fingertip

i stir …

i moan ….its 5 am and the bed is warm

with my lips your fantasy about every kiss

as they melt within your being

my lips makes you wanna scream

i stir…the bed is warm

my nose …. you smooth the touch as so gentle

the site as a cute button be

amazing to love me

you smile as I stir and your vision go to me

as we swim in the seven seas

you are my everything

in your mind …I can be anything

you need me to be!

penetrate my soul as I sleep


2014 copyright summer bradshau “dear nikki”

WEAR A DAMN CONDOM (They want to end abortions)

1 1couple

IN THE NEWS: they are praying to end abortion..TSK TSK we spend billions a year on foster care, welfare, food stamps, medical, physiological, and a thousand more. The horrible situations and lives the children are brought in, being born on drugs, etc and left on door steps and garbage cans. The mental minds of the children that are suffering because their parents should have worn a condom.

The mental minds of the children..keep repeating that to yourself as you think about your next date … WEAR A CONDOM because im tired of people hollering I DON’T BELIEVE IN ABORTIONS while you can’t afford to mentally or monetary care for your own self let alone a kid. The cost of child care so you can go to work exceed your pay check so please …WEAR A DAMN CONDOM.

We pay $700-1200 per month per foster care child that is in the system because their parents should not have had children and they should have worn a damn condom. They get a free vacation while foster parents have to get paid to care for the children who are mentally and physically screwed up and they remain in the system for a long time if not forever. Each child with a cost on average of $15, 000 per year in foster-care or at home with messed up parents getting welfare.

Abortions are needed for many reasons and we women only result to that if the reason is truly necessary. There should always be an option for whatever the situation may be and for each woman that reason and situation may be different. Sometimes its out of our control. But in the mean time, its my body and if I deem it necessary, I should be allowed the option of. It’s a hard and horrible thing to have to go through mentally and physically for anyone but sometimes its just a necessity.


IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO STRAP IT UP ….abortions should be free to the weary…that’s just me, im tired of seeing these children suffer physically and mentally.


educate the one you love ….

(hey, it was in the news)

summer bradshau 2015 copyright

Stepping out of the purgatory of living….

cover split

INTRODUCTION to Purgatory by Summer Bradshau 2013 copyright

One day I woke up and realized that I had been lost for quite some time. I had got comfortable with how life was treating me. I no longer cared about how I presented myself, although I looked great to everyone else, stuck between life and death, you know Purgatory. The real me had left long ago and the figure that I saw before me was just a shell that protects me until I could be found again. I had everything a woman could ask for and more yet somehow and someway I forgot about myself and ended up in the purgatory of living.

When I had my epiphany, I discovered some things that I should have seen all along but was too busy allowing life to consume me that I didn’t care to pay attention. You know, kids, husband, family, work, friends and oh yeah, then me if I’m not too tired….

One day I found myself on the outside of the milk cartoon… Lost, hanging in the purgatory of living. It was the shock of my life yet not a shock for everyone else. Most often others can see what’s going on in your life even when you cannot (or you think you do).
Don’t let that to happen to you or to allow it to continue. You can step out of the purgatory of living and into a new beginning. It could be easier than you think it is. For me…
I have some changing to do and the changing can only be done by me for me. I cannot change you or the rest of the world but we can help each other with the process of changing for the better…. TOGETHER! And look who we shall find! (You and me too) Let’s begin… how did I lose myself?
(That is the introduction to the new self help, personal motivation and self inspiring book PURGATORY written by Summer Bradshau … SOON TO BE RELEASED! Please stay in touch as to be the first to own one. Its something we can do together) follow us on facebook; Purgatoryliving