BORN WITHOUT PREJUDICE; United we sacrifice!


We are people born without permission.. not given a choice in parents, family, race or religion.

We were not given classes on life nor taught truly about naughty and nice.

Now that we’re old though it’s up to us to decide … throw all that shit out the window and lets be one .. UNITED!

#screwraceandreligion its time we #UNITE! #oneworld #allcountriesunite

… summer bradshau, your poetic mistress 2017 copyright and contiguous




Obviously, yet randomly, the brain has simply fallen asleep,

Isn’t it obvious by the reactions to everyday people you meet?

Obliviousness to the obviousness is the new fad and theme

Isn’t it scary how the intertwine of the mind seems to lack …. Almost everything?

It’s clearly obvious that one is oblivious to the basic game of life.

Rid of your strife …


Don’t be so oblivious to the obvious!


(2016 Summer Bradshau)




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YOU EVER BEEN SINGLE …but your heart was in a relationship?

purgatory living
purgatory living

#FakeLove by Summer Bradshau
you ever been single but your heart was in a relationship?
well it goes a little something like this ….
sitting here, my mind is always on you
wondering, what you doin
im out, doing my own thing …my mind, you make it rain
no matter that i do what i do … my faithfulness, it waits for you
you make me smile, i say your name, my empty nights
your fun-filled days .
you don’t even know, my heart beats for you
you’re living your life yet my heart is in a relationship with you
my mind intertwines with all aspects of us
im single … but the way my mind is made up …
it truly believes it belongs to you.
how do you end a relationship in your heart?

by Summer Bradshau © 2015

Penetrate my soul



As you lay… your thoughts are of me

you lay next to me its 5 am

my favorite time of the morning

my body is warm and the steam is light

the creme of my desire

you look over at me as i sleep

in your mind ….

my eyes ….you can see how amazing

you are to me. every time I look at you

my heart skips a beat…you are the reason i breathe

my lips … you touch with your fingertip

i stir …

i moan ….its 5 am and the bed is warm

with my lips your fantasy about every kiss

as they melt within your being

my lips makes you wanna scream

i stir…the bed is warm

my nose …. you smooth the touch as so gentle

the site as a cute button be

amazing to love me

you smile as I stir and your vision go to me

as we swim in the seven seas

you are my everything

in your mind …I can be anything

you need me to be!

penetrate my soul as I sleep


2014 copyright summer bradshau “dear nikki”

Are you a HOLIDAY CHRISTIAN or an Everyday Saint?

Are you a HOLIDAY CHRISTIAN or an Everyday Saint?1 1 easter

Are you a holiday Christian? A holiday Christian is someone who on certain religious holidays come out and participate but the rest of the year you kind of don’t see or hear them. Someone who is full of Christmas spirit and tales about Jesus and the season and come January they are not in church and you don’t see or hear them until Easter time when it s time to dress up again and come on out. Let’s not forget mother’s day when you get to put on your big hat and pretty dress you just purchased. There has been calls for participation from church members and donations for this or that and you have not seem to be around for anything not even church and here you are in your pretty yellow Easter dress strutting your stuff to the front pews.

Holiday Christian or do you live for Jesus everyday? Do you practice living according to the word and the laws of the land? Are you a helper and a healer and will do all that you can do for your fellow-man? Are you a holiday Christian or everyday saint? I need you to allow yourself time before answering that question because your first thought will be the real thought of your reality which will shoot up to God and then when that first thought bounces back to you, you may alter and create a detour depending on how ashamed or embarrassed you feel if in fact you are a holiday Christian and not an everyday saint?

What? I’m just asking…

Don’t take things literal or personal. Not directed to anyone in general. It’s just something for EVERYONE to think about!



WEAR A DAMN CONDOM (They want to end abortions)

1 1couple

IN THE NEWS: they are praying to end abortion..TSK TSK we spend billions a year on foster care, welfare, food stamps, medical, physiological, and a thousand more. The horrible situations and lives the children are brought in, being born on drugs, etc and left on door steps and garbage cans. The mental minds of the children that are suffering because their parents should have worn a condom.

The mental minds of the children..keep repeating that to yourself as you think about your next date … WEAR A CONDOM because im tired of people hollering I DON’T BELIEVE IN ABORTIONS while you can’t afford to mentally or monetary care for your own self let alone a kid. The cost of child care so you can go to work exceed your pay check so please …WEAR A DAMN CONDOM.

We pay $700-1200 per month per foster care child that is in the system because their parents should not have had children and they should have worn a damn condom. They get a free vacation while foster parents have to get paid to care for the children who are mentally and physically screwed up and they remain in the system for a long time if not forever. Each child with a cost on average of $15, 000 per year in foster-care or at home with messed up parents getting welfare.

Abortions are needed for many reasons and we women only result to that if the reason is truly necessary. There should always be an option for whatever the situation may be and for each woman that reason and situation may be different. Sometimes its out of our control. But in the mean time, its my body and if I deem it necessary, I should be allowed the option of. It’s a hard and horrible thing to have to go through mentally and physically for anyone but sometimes its just a necessity.


IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO STRAP IT UP ….abortions should be free to the weary…that’s just me, im tired of seeing these children suffer physically and mentally.


educate the one you love ….

(hey, it was in the news)

summer bradshau 2015 copyright