BORN WITHOUT PREJUDICE; United we sacrifice!


We are people born without permission.. not given a choice in parents, family, race or religion.

We were not given classes on life nor taught truly about naughty and nice.

Now that we’re old though it’s up to us to decide … throw all that shit out the window and lets be one .. UNITED!

#screwraceandreligion its time we #UNITE! #oneworld #allcountriesunite

… summer bradshau, your poetic mistress 2017 copyright and contiguous




The Death of Your Child at the Hands of a Man …


The Death of Your Child at the Hands of a Man …by Summer Bradshau

Recently in the news a 2 year old lost his life to the hands of his mother’s boyfriend or husband who was not the child’s father. Such a sad time for all three families but most importantly, his mother. His mother has to live with the fact that she trusted someone so much only for him to kill her son. She let the devil in! She allowed the devil to remove her son from this world.
God doesn’t need new angles by early departure. He can actually wait until it’s your actual time. We don’t need to give him angles before they are due!

One thing I learned in my life is that you cannot trust anyone with your children, and often times not even their own family. We would love to trust that people care as much about our loved ones as we do, whether it’s a senior parent or your child, people who are around the weak are often tainted with the purgatory of living. Their minds hang in between heaven and hell and just sometimes hell is where it dwells.

The mind can be a terrible thing to waste but can also be the most terrible thing to use. Currently in this recession the world feels the need to be medicated off any and everything. From high school to seniors we are pretty much all high on something. The ones who are not medicated are having trouble sleeping, having trouble thinking, having trouble determining what’s right and wrong even though a few years ago the mind was ok. We are at a different time and place right now and life is just … overwhelming!

Now that we know everyone is carrying great burdens, let’s look at reality … he beat a child to his death! Why would someone do such a thing?
As a mother of 3 myself, I have often had to leave my children in the care of someone so that I can do things in our lives that were beneficial and maybe even simply fun. Do mothers question their choice of people? Of course mothers and fathers question their choice of people but sometimes the situation called for help and sometimes all you can get is what you have to deal with like it or not. Is that good for the children? No but it’s something that we go through in life. Almost each and every parent.

Mothers are born with natural instincts that kick in when children are born. Mothers know how to love, forgive, trust etc. Not every woman will give birth to their natural instincts when they give birth to their child. Some women go through pregnancy as well as after the birth not caring for the child at all. We are flawed as humans but the bottom line should always be RESPECT. Respect to another human being.

Fathers have great bonds and some get the natural instinct as well as the mother. Some men will never feel any different having a child and buying a car. Sometimes those fatherly feelings may get in the way and the man rejects those feelings all together.
It’s a catch 22 when it comes to parenting and the feeling you carry with that role…

For some people, they have not become a parent as yet and don’t have the feelings of protection that parents have. If someone is not a parent, how will they know how to parent your child? They won’t know how to parent your child. They will only know how to respect your child as such.
Babysitting in my opinion should not be done by most men. Yes there are some men who are great at caring for kids but for the most part men SHOULD not babysit because of the lack of natural instincts that realistically exist.

The majority of children who die of abuse are killed by men and usually the boyfriend of the mother and most often when the mother is not at the home at the time.

Men can have no hidden agenda (women do as well) while they are sitting there watching the child play or listening to the child scream and cry but at some point, people snap and as a result, can’t handle the child and become violent, often out of their inner control. The mind simply snaps and now your child is dead and the person is in prison.

This can often be prevented …. How? MEN SHOULD NOT BABYSIT!

I hear women say, it’s not babysitting if it’s their own kid! Well yes it is technically because they don’t have the same maternal hearts that you do!

A man can be sitting there watching the child and all of a sudden a weird thought pops in their mind. They start looking at the child different. They get up and walk away and maybe even go in the kitchen and get something to eat but when they sit back down and start watching that child again, an evil thought starts to overtake their mind. Somewhere in the mind something was never right but you thought it was and you tried to make it right!
Now that the evil thoughts have started, the child by natural instinct starts to agitate the guardian and now the guardian has turned into a mental transformer of an abuser instantly within just a few moments or hours. The thoughts that are now provoked into the guardians mind are that of evil spirits and at this point the child is no longer safe. It is not what the child does that causes death, it’s what the guardian conceives in their sick and twisted minds that were not of this nature yesterday. (Maybe)

As a mother you hope the people you love will love and respect you in return but you have to be realistic and know that you only have control over yourself. You cannot control what other people do and think. Once you realize this you can have an easier life.

When I was a young single mother I knew that I had to protect my children. In order for me to protect my children I had to keep them from harm. In order to keep them from harm I had to keep people out of their lives. Sometimes those people were even family if that family was doing something that was not in good health or deed to my children. You may like your family member but if they smoke in front of your child, then maybe you can’t visit that family member when you have your child with you and you definitely may not want that person to babysit if you know that they will be smoking around your child.
As a parent I did not allow my children to sit on grown folks laps if I could help it. It’s not something we can allow in these days and times. We have to do our part to not provoke people into thinking and doing naughty things. We only have control over what we do so if I don’t sit my daughter on Uncle Smatts lap then Uncle Smatt won’t get horny and molest my child. Sometimes those thoughts in someone’s mind do not appear until Satan wants it to and you don’t want to help out.

I didn’t have a lot of boyfriends in my life because I had children and it was my responsibility to protect them. You have to limit the contact with men for the good of your children. Yes you have a right to have a life but your first right is to raise your child in a healthy and safe environment and often parents need to stay single in an effort to do so.
Get a babysitter (only if it’s convenient and safe) and go out and meet your date, you can even spend the night but your child does not need to be around every boyfriend or girlfriend you get. Sometimes a casual friend is all you can afford if it means keeping your child safe.

Children are children and not everyone can handle children. I am a parent as well as grandparent but I realize that children provoke me into stress sometimes so I have to limit when I babysit. Point blank period. It’s a whole mental mind thing I know but I know my limits so I use them accordingly. I’m not going to open up a daycare to make money and end up abusing the children because they work my nerves. If children irritate you, then by all means, don’t be around them and don’t babysit. You don’t have to apologize for that, it’s just you and you have a right to be you.

Boyfriends come a dime a dozen (girlfriends as well). They are most often temporary people in our journey of life. To trust them among your children is a huge step. That step should be taken with some precautionary measures. If you want to move someone into your life with your children it may be time to look at their police records. If they don’t have any, great, but still be cautious. Some men get with women who have children just so they can abuse them. Just so they can ruin their innocent lives. Sometimes the mother see’s it and ignores it, often times not because the predator is really good at disguises.

The Peterson child that was killed by his mother’s boyfriend was an innocent child. He didn’t deserve to die and no other child does as well. STOP ALLOWING MEN (BOYFRIENDS) TO BABYSIT your children. They just can’t handle children the way women can. It’s not saying they are a bad person or they will actually harm your child, you are just preventing something from stirring … in the mind of an evil person. (Women are abusers as well; we are talking about boyfriends today)

CHILDREN deserve to be protected by our boyfriends and girlfriends and step parents. It’s not right for the sake of love or orgasms to allow anyone to mentally or physically hurt your children. You took an oath to love and protect your children and sometimes that means being alone or single in order to do that. Everyone is so quick to re-marry, shack up after break-ups with the kids … that’s not cool. Let your children get a break from confusion. Allow them time to heal by being alone for a while. What you do affects your children too.

You have everyone watching your children and you have no idea what goes on when you are not there. Well, it’s time to know. Set up nanny cams or whatever you need but please stop letting your fly by night boyfriends babysit your children… They don’t deserve to die because the dick was good!

kids funeral

I’m just keeping it real …as a single parent; I had to go through it too!

Summer Bradshau, The Realist Mistress
2013 ©

Acts of Faith … Random acts of kindness dominoes



I was starting to lose faith in humans when God told me different.

On Thursday August 22nd 2013 I wanted to do something nice for the intern I had at work because he helps me so much and I am so grateful to have him. (Interns are graduating from college and need the experience in order to get the graduation certificate)
I decided to take Daniel to lunch this particular day. (The lunch money was all I had left until payday but that didn’t matter to me, I wanted to say thank you)

While sitting at lunch, laughing and talking about work, my cell phone rang. When I answered it was someone who I spoke to earlier in the week. They mentioned that they were thinking about me and the conversation we had previously and how they wanted to do something nice for me. They said they didn’t have munch but they wanted my bank account number so they could put some money into my bank account.

I said, oh no lol that’s not what the conversation was about and they insisted it was their way to say they cared. Ok great … what an amazing day! I blessed Daniel with lunch using my last dollars and cents and someone blessed me ten times more. God is simply amazing. …. But it didn’t stop there.

When we got back to the office there was a homeless man sitting under the parking cover with his basket and he appeared to have fallen asleep while sitting straight up. My first thought was …. I wonder if he’s hungry. I sent someone over to ask him if he would like a sandwich. He said yes so I grabbed some petty cash and bought him a sandwhich and a coke. He was very grateful and apologized for sitting there, he said he didn’t mean to sit so long and fall asleep.

I was happy from the day … when I got back in the office, my mom called. Said she wanted to help me with something she knew I needed help with and was at my house to leave some money for me … OMG God what is going on lol. What a blessing this day has turned out to be.

Went home and rested well that night. Woke up the next morning, Friday 8/23 and decided I deserved to take myself out to breakfast, I worked hard all week and have tried to be obedient as God has called me to be, so I grabbed ten bucks and went to breakfast.
Walked in, greeting some people sitting at the next table and began to search the menu for my little taste of heaven.

When the group got up to leave (that I spoke to) a man set two 5 dollar bills on my table and said, breakfast is on me, have a great day and kept walking. OMG are you kidding me? (I actually said that out loud) I looked up, said “how nice is that! Happy Friday to you”! and they left! I was left sitting there looking at God in total amazement. (as I always do but more so today) My bill was $9.40, all I needed to do was leave the tip to God be the glory! Is my faith fully restored? No but this is such a great start that I hope it continues for all someone needs is someone to actually share and care to make their world a little brighter! I try to do that in all I do but sometimes the world can get the best of you!

Faithful Me …. Summer b

Will she say … “I DO”? …


Thinking of you today …

I asked you how you were doing
I wanted to see your face
Its been a while since we last spoke
As we talked about life and the direction life would bring
You pulled out … the ring
I sat there staring at you, in your eyes
As you sat there mesmerized by my smile
Your eyes tried to read mine as if to look for the answer
That you so long waited to hear …
I can hear a pin drop my dear!
My eyes blinked, glistened as a tear fell to the floor
Your hand reached softly for my hand
As if to tell me everything within your touch
You mustered not a word, your heartbeat said enough
The air, getting thin, as you slide the ring in place
You lean in to place the seal of the deal
A kiss and a warm embrace
My lips hold close, as if to mold
The answer produced in mist
As I slightly giggle
To have and to hold from this day forward
The two heavenly blissed from one kiss
…. see “The Bradshau’s” wedding guest list!

Its one to not miss!

Summer Bradshau, your poetic mistress

2013 copyright

The image of me

Imagine my sultry style and sassy finesse with pretty brown eyes and stoutly smile sipping tea on my terrace in Paris. My hair is flawless and my shoes are French. My clothes are the perfect photo of beauty. ..

1 1sexylady

Now take this same image of me and imagine me standing in front of the local liquor store waiting for a ride and now your image of me is that of a prostitute, same girl, same clothing, same smile, just different location. Now your view of me has changed. I no longer have potential and I no longer am beautiful…

I am whatever your mind has created me to be. I am … the image of me!

1 1thaigirlThe image of me…by summer Bradshau

copyright Summer Bradshau, your poetic mistress 2013

PUBLIC SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT: the wearing of Leggings


photo provided by jjill (the perfect place to purchase proper shirt and leggings


LADIES: Leggings … are to be worn under a long shirt or dress, something that covers your ass (butt). The upper garment must go to the bottom of your butt at the least. Please note; leggings are indeed see through (MOST) once stretched. PLEASE REFRAIN from wearing leggings as sweat pants when wearing them outdoors if indeed they are see through.

It is not cute for any size woman to stretch the leggings to fit and wear a t-shirt that stops over the butt. The shirt or dress must go down to the bottom of the butt or beyond. How many people are really tired of seeing women with see through leggings? It’s not attractive nor sexy!

Its also not appropriate to wear leggings to work with a shirt that rises over your butt. If you are working, people do not want to see inside of your world. It is like wearing white leggings on your period even if you are wearing dark leggings. Once they are STRETCHED … they become see through and often embarrassing from the back view while your view is feeling quite lovely.

We understand they are comfortable but have some self respect as well as respect for those that are behind you. Children can see you bootay, so sometimes, just sometimes, self respect UP and cover up.

THIS IS A PUBLIC SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT! Sometimes the view is def NOT CUTE! Snap shot that!

PLEASE TELL US YOUR VIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1 leggingsseethru<

1 leggings4

1 leggings3
copyright summer bradshau

Purgatory Living: Stepping out of the Purgatory of living and stepping into a new beginning!
by Summer N. Bradshau et al.