Obviously, yet randomly, the brain has simply fallen asleep,

Isn’t it obvious by the reactions to everyday people you meet?

Obliviousness to the obviousness is the new fad and theme

Isn’t it scary how the intertwine of the mind seems to lack …. Almost everything?

It’s clearly obvious that one is oblivious to the basic game of life.

Rid of your strife …


Don’t be so oblivious to the obvious!


(2016 Summer Bradshau)




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YOU EVER BEEN SINGLE …but your heart was in a relationship?

purgatory living
purgatory living

#FakeLove by Summer Bradshau
you ever been single but your heart was in a relationship?
well it goes a little something like this ….
sitting here, my mind is always on you
wondering, what you doin
im out, doing my own thing …my mind, you make it rain
no matter that i do what i do … my faithfulness, it waits for you
you make me smile, i say your name, my empty nights
your fun-filled days .
you don’t even know, my heart beats for you
you’re living your life yet my heart is in a relationship with you
my mind intertwines with all aspects of us
im single … but the way my mind is made up …
it truly believes it belongs to you.
how do you end a relationship in your heart?

by Summer Bradshau © 2015

Are you a HOLIDAY CHRISTIAN or an Everyday Saint?

Are you a HOLIDAY CHRISTIAN or an Everyday Saint?1 1 easter

Are you a holiday Christian? A holiday Christian is someone who on certain religious holidays come out and participate but the rest of the year you kind of don’t see or hear them. Someone who is full of Christmas spirit and tales about Jesus and the season and come January they are not in church and you don’t see or hear them until Easter time when it s time to dress up again and come on out. Let’s not forget mother’s day when you get to put on your big hat and pretty dress you just purchased. There has been calls for participation from church members and donations for this or that and you have not seem to be around for anything not even church and here you are in your pretty yellow Easter dress strutting your stuff to the front pews.

Holiday Christian or do you live for Jesus everyday? Do you practice living according to the word and the laws of the land? Are you a helper and a healer and will do all that you can do for your fellow-man? Are you a holiday Christian or everyday saint? I need you to allow yourself time before answering that question because your first thought will be the real thought of your reality which will shoot up to God and then when that first thought bounces back to you, you may alter and create a detour depending on how ashamed or embarrassed you feel if in fact you are a holiday Christian and not an everyday saint?

What? I’m just asking…

Don’t take things literal or personal. Not directed to anyone in general. It’s just something for EVERYONE to think about!



Stepping out of the purgatory of living….

cover split

INTRODUCTION to Purgatory by Summer Bradshau 2013 copyright

One day I woke up and realized that I had been lost for quite some time. I had got comfortable with how life was treating me. I no longer cared about how I presented myself, although I looked great to everyone else, stuck between life and death, you know Purgatory. The real me had left long ago and the figure that I saw before me was just a shell that protects me until I could be found again. I had everything a woman could ask for and more yet somehow and someway I forgot about myself and ended up in the purgatory of living.

When I had my epiphany, I discovered some things that I should have seen all along but was too busy allowing life to consume me that I didn’t care to pay attention. You know, kids, husband, family, work, friends and oh yeah, then me if I’m not too tired….

One day I found myself on the outside of the milk cartoon… Lost, hanging in the purgatory of living. It was the shock of my life yet not a shock for everyone else. Most often others can see what’s going on in your life even when you cannot (or you think you do).
Don’t let that to happen to you or to allow it to continue. You can step out of the purgatory of living and into a new beginning. It could be easier than you think it is. For me…
I have some changing to do and the changing can only be done by me for me. I cannot change you or the rest of the world but we can help each other with the process of changing for the better…. TOGETHER! And look who we shall find! (You and me too) Let’s begin… how did I lose myself?
(That is the introduction to the new self help, personal motivation and self inspiring book PURGATORY written by Summer Bradshau … SOON TO BE RELEASED! Please stay in touch as to be the first to own one. Its something we can do together)

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Our purpose of living


Our purpose of living ….

We are born without permission to a family that was not chosen by us. It’s like pulling a straw so to speak, you never know what country, state or city you will be born into and you will not have authority over which race you are born into and for the love of all that is good, you will not have control over what gender(s) you are born into.

Once we have determined you are alive and well and on your way to adulthood, we will prepare to you by educating you so that you have the knowledge necessary to enter into the purpose of living which is to populate to flourish the world for the good of all mankind.

Once you are well educated we will enter you into the work force. All of mankind will enter into the work force of life. The only exception will be if you are disabled and unable to fulfill any work duties at all or if you are too old to carry out customary work duties and children less than 16 years of age.

Your education will determine what type of employment you will be able to secure. The wages you earn will be determined by the type of job that you get which will determine what kind of life style you can live. Whew that’s a lot isn’t it (laughing)? But its actually how the it goes down per say.

We are born to be active in the world by working, living, spending, populating, and so forth. The world was created to have a cycle of human beings live on until it is time to demise. We cannot get clear answers regarding that for the one to make life’s rules has yet to return so until then we must carry forth in a productive way that is beneficial to all of mankind as written in the by-laws of living.

We have to be able to educate ourselves and our children, not only what they need to know about how to survive in the world but we must educate them on the purpose of living and detailed information with the plan to implement and each step to take to secure it.

Currently we are raising children this way; we have a child and some out of wedlock (baby daddy). Often because we want someone to love and for someone to love us back. We raise the child but with a silent resentment sometimes because they are taking up too much of our time, our money and our lives. We send them to school and often irritated if we have to help with homework because we are tired. We tell them everything is not their business because they are kids and expect them to know something when they get grown. We kick them out when they are 18 regardless if they secured a high school diploma or not and we say get out there and find your own way and don’t come crawling back here!

OK … WHAT????? And you know that to be true!

They then have to know how to work, pay for housing, food and clothing. They also must secure their future so they have to know how to saving money for their retirement. They surely should know how to not let people cheat them out of what they have and how about teaching them how to be a good spouse and parent while you’re at it.

You know, the school can’t teach them everything. If we teach them as we are supposed to be teaching them they can grow up to be some pretty awesome people and not someone we see on the morning bad news.

The purpose of living is not being taught in the home and the information to live it is not provided by the parents or guardians. Its up to us to teach our children and their children the purpose of living and how to live it! There should not have to be a book or dialog for you to refer to. The rules are the rules and the purpose is the purpose. You might have had a different purpose for having children, but the way it was conceived was not an option. The creator is the creator and to not follow the directions on the box will cause you nothing but heartache and a lot of pain.

What’s your purpose for living? And what are you doing to secure it, Life … the ultimate sacrifice!

© 2013 Summer Bradshau, Your Poetic Mistress

Monday Night With Me …


It’s Monday night and the bed is turned down as I slip into my gown
My thoughts are of you … last year around this time, my birthday was near
You were the very one to whisper happy birthday in my ear
Your soft breath your soft touch enlightened with my glow
I can smell your skin … I can feel your love flow

As I now get into bed, I am reminded of the way you touched me
And the way you held me so tight … (my breaths are getting deep)
You gently stroked your fingers oh so lightly over my body as if to heal
Yet the oil was warm in your hand, and the girl …. Well, she’s a fan

As I lay here, heart skipping a beat, thinking about the things you use to do to me
The sweetest fruits and the chocolate kisses … made me want to be your Mrs.
My heart is now in high command and the girl is not far from there
I miss your touch and I miss your kiss

The girl sends her love, says she daddy she does miss
My eyes are falling into the abyss with my last thoughts of this ….

My back was arched and the fire was hot on the Persian rug in the loft, you were in and out
I was round about and the two were so intertwined then … our love …..(Wait stop) …. (It’s getting hot) …

Our love melted …. Our love melted …. Into …. One!
It’s Monday night and you thought football was all that you get (lol)

I’m Summer B … the poetic mistress

2012 copyright ©

The cigar room @ The Bradshau Hotel


The cigar room @ The Bradshau Hotel …. by summer bradshau

sitting in the cigar room of The Bradshau Hotel
chase lounge, glass walls, glass of Hennessey

legs crossed side by side. evening gown drops off my shoulder
my shoes says “come to me”

in walks.. You

with my cigar lit.. I ask “would you like a light”

Flicked my lighter, sparked to flame as my hair falls forward
my eyes meet your eyes as they lock into a stare

I can hear your heart beat from here..

so now your sweating and your chest is on the rise
my nose touches yours in a speckle of a moment
as I whisper in your ear..

Your leg jumps as if it were on cue.. lucky you
you look startled as you try to explain

sweat on your forehead and mine up my leg
the cigars are all lit, i lay back with a smile

your standing there choking with a hella of a hard on

I stand up, walk over as I push up my boobs
staring into your eyes you don’t know what to do

my hips go left and they eventually swing right
my feet in sequin my dress is tight

my face is flawless and my scent is just for you
my finger on your lip, creating silence with your spit

you stand there waiting and your heart is getting loud
i push you onto the chase and walk off

after i exit the room drop the cig in the can
turn to look again..

there you are, laying there in awe
wishing you can have all that you saw

do come again my friend!

2013 copyright Summer Bradshau, your poetic mistress