WHO IS WALTER LATHAM? (The Producer King/Queen of Comedy and more)


   Walter Latham 

He who Laughs Lasts…

Walter Latham could have been anything in life he wanted to be. Who he chose to be changed the world. Promoter, producer and family man, Latham began with a vision that is changing how the people view comedy today. What’s so funny is the comedy world has been taken to a whole new level. Not as an individual but as a family of comedians worldwide. Walter brings Urban Comedy out of the clubs and hotels and into the arenas and big screens.
You are probably a fan of Walter Latham and didn’t even know it!

Walter Latham etched his name in the world of comedy forever when he produced the Kings of Comedy tour and film in 1997, scoring a nomination for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Motion Picture. The accompanying soundtrack received a Grammy nomination for the Best Spoken Comedy Album in 2000. Generations to come will forever be grateful for the gift Walter was given in creating the dream teams of the cosmic realm.

People are still enjoying the laughter of the kings of Comedy tour and film. It isn’t just an Urban Film, for it reached everyone across the nation. When you can make everyone laugh, it becomes a universal language. Not an Urban film but a funny film. Comedy…

From the success of the kings of comedy,  Queens of Comedy were crowned. Queens they were when Latham shook down the urban communities with the spiciest combination of women comedians. Queens of Comedy became the highest rated special, aired on Showtime in 2001 featuring Laura Hayes, Adele Givens, Sommore, and Mo’Nique.
Walter uses his talents to create laughter. Using comedians like D.L. Hugley and Bernie Mac, bringing comedy back to the place in the film industry it should be… number one. People are ready to laugh and Latham is the man to deliver.
What the World Needs Now!

Walter Latham takes it personal when promoting big names like Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence, D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, Bernie Mac and Steve Harvey. It’s his passion and desire to allow these comedians a chance to share with the world the gift of laughter. Urban comedy has always existed and so has Walters’s visions. We should be honored and privileged to have a promoter with such passion. So much, he gave up what most people would die to achieve, Hollywood, the ultimate dream. In order to keep the visions alive and be able to help more comedians to achieve their place in the cosmic realm, he chose to create the type of family and work life that will allow him to be all that he can be. Who would actually pack up a Hollywood office in exchange for your client’s success and happiness?

Walter Latham did just that in 2005 and has never lived to regret it. Making this decision helped create the perfect dynasty for Latham Entertainment. Latham Entertainment, based in Greensboro, NC, is the largest independently owned and operated comedy promotion-company in the country. Latham is currently working to bring more comedians to the big screens.

Walter Latham Entertainment produced, co-produced and organized many more tours and projects like” Shaken not Stirred, “toasts” to some of the biggest names in America.

Walter Latham can create number one box office hits and comedy tours with no doubts… but what may be his biggest gift yet…The Walter Latham Foundation. The foundation was created to help the youth with scholarships, mentoring programs, and financial assistance to young people.

“I want every young person to dream BIG, take chances and to realize that every goal
is attainable regardless of their current situation!”
-Walter Latham
The Walter Latham Foundation was founded by Walter Latham Jr. in May 2007. He created programs like the Christmas Angels, teaching privileged children to give to underprivileged children. The Ervin Outlaw Scholarship where the “E” Effect was created to… Empower, Encourage, and Educate the children, The Legacy Mentoring Program and more…

Who is laughing last? We are… as long as Walter Latham Entertainment is in company, we will always be able to get our laugh on as well as bring hope to our children.

You see, everyone wants to be a part of the dream team and Walter Latham appears to hold the Golden Ticket
Find out more about the Walter Latham Foundation and become part of the vision of hope…


©summer bradshau 2014


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