BORN WITHOUT PREJUDICE; United we sacrifice!


We are people born without permission.. not given a choice in parents, family, race or religion.

We were not given classes on life nor taught truly about naughty and nice.

Now that we’re old though it’s up to us to decide … throw all that shit out the window and lets be one .. UNITED!

#screwraceandreligion its time we #UNITE! #oneworld #allcountriesunite

… summer bradshau, your poetic mistress 2017 copyright and contiguous



So… my birthday went down like this

Limo arrived about seven fifteen. I was dressed in a black dress that went slightly above my knees. My heels were about four inches tall. My hair was curled and pinned up in a sexy and luscious bun that made my face look like it just stepped out of the best spa in Paris.

I am banging if I may say so myself. My heels are cfm’s and my attitude is about the same. I am ready to celebrate a great accomplishment. To live another year is a blessing. If you need a bib, just let me know because I can’t down grade. I can only UPgrade and this is it.

Lifting up my glass that is sparkling like my lip-gloss. My lips are nice and soft and they look a little plump. They have that tasty unbelievable shine that makes you want to suck them like a pork chop bone.

I lick my lips in an effort to break the ice. My vice… the limo driver glances back and my dress has risen up a tad. My legs are glistening with the lights overhead. I cross my legs slowly… creating heat and tension.

I don’t know where we are going. The car arrived with a note that said, ‘be ready at seven and wear what’s in the box”.

I lost myself in bubbles and I hurried into my dream.

I am the birthday queen.

I am laughing in the back of the limo. My aroma is filling the space. Memories can’t erase.

We are driving on a windy road and my butt is sliding around. I get excited to know where the limo will go and my excitement is getting loud.

I sipped on my taste of good cheer searching for the key.

I am the birthday queen.

I feel heat; I feel beads of love falling to the floor as we pull into an oasis I cannot believe what I am seeing. It seems so unreal.

The driver opens the door and reaches for my hand. I am tipsy and feeling rather giddy and I want more. He takes my hand and helps me up to the top of the stoop, there’s a door. The door is open and the curtains are blowing out into the wind. The driver hands me my bag and he points up to the door. I am trembling with thoughts of what’s in store.

I proceed through the curtains to see a fireplace lit.  A bear rug and a silver platter with strawberries and cream. There’s a note that says, “Love, have a bite of my desire”.

I bite into the strawberry and the juice ran down my chin. It’s so juicy… so wet… so sweet. My lips are trembling.

In walks the butler with a bottle of champagne… a note that reads, ” Love, allow the wetness and bubbles to penetrate your being until I arrive”.

I am screaming on the inside. Come on, what the hell. Nobody gets a birthday like this. Am I getting punked or something…

I am sipping champagne and eating sweet strawberries. In walks the butler with a robe and a note that reads, “Love, slip into this robe and wait for me by the fire”.

I am like what? I am trembling, and I am misty. I slip out of my dress into the robe, made of silk.

It felt like an orgasm wrapping itself around my body when I put this robe on. It was so silky and creamy.

In walks the butler with a note that reads, “Love, wait for me in the master suite”.

I follow the butler as he slowly leads the way. He looks back at me as my breast are slightly moving back and forth as we walk down the hall with the robe swaying open and close for his viewing.

I am the birthday queen, you know what I mean?

I am feeling the sweat between my thighs. Moving when I move.

I can smell the sweetness that reminds me of love.

I arrive at the master suite… I stop and stare as the butler turns to leave

There’s s someone sitting there. It’s a woman. In a teddy.

I turn to look at the door but the butler is already free. I look again at the lady.

She is beautiful… Hair long, flowing down her back. Face made tantalizing enough to catch a stare. Breasts are full and ass looks tight, but wait… what the hell is she doing here right?

I look at the note that is on the night stand… it reads, “Love, enjoy a taste and see on me”.

I look at the woman who is rising to her feet. She looks as if she is about to take total control. I swallow hard as she approaches. What do I do? Do I let her have her way?

I have five seconds to figure it out. I want to let her do what she was told to do to me. I lean back on the chase. My eyes are open wide. My thighs are busting sweat beads like the fourth of July.

I am the birthday queen. I mean…

She takes me by the arm and leads me to the bed. She lays me on my stomach. I look at her not knowing what to do.

I am…

My mouth is hot. My girl is on fire. She puts her knee into my back and I am like what the world is she doing to me. She takes her hands and rubs them down my back… my favorite spot.

How does she know? She smoothly rubs my neck and into my hair. She is in my scalp giving me pleasures of running naked in a daisy field.

Free to be. I have never had such pleasures as these…

I am the birthday queen. But really… what’s with the chic?

So… I’m digging it. And I’m in heaven. So far I am enjoying every moment of the ride

She takes my leg and she strokes it with oil. Her breasts are moving with the motion of my heartbeat.

I am the fucking birthday queen.

She takes my toes and moves her fingers in between. Back and forth and back and forth. My head is tilted back and my eyes are closed.

I am…

She tells me its time and she turns me over…

I am now on my back and the heat just rose a notch.  She takes my arms and rubs them softly. Gentle. Making circles with her finger tips. Creating an exotic feeling of pulsating rhythms.

She takes her finger tips and dips them in oil. She starts at my neck and works her way down to my breast. The oil makes her hands slip over and over my breast. Rubbing the tension from my chest with her magic oil.

She massages the muscles of the breast and then she massages the nipples. She moves them gently in and out of her fingers… I am on fire by now and cannot be saved.

I am the birthday queen.

She moves to my stomach that is full of sweat. She is stroking and sculpting like a piece of artwork. I am a Picasso between her fingers. She is creating a masterpiece of an illusion. I can be a fantasy and be any dream I wish to be.

Her hands are moving toward my thighs. In between and back again. She moves favorably down my body and back up. She finds my thighs are soft and wet. Wet from anticipation of what may come next.

The heat is making her heart skip a beat. Not knowing what to feel. Is this real?

I am lying on this bed, with my legs weak as noodles. This lady is using her hands as a secret weapon.

Got me mesmerized. All I know is,

I am the frickin birthday queen

She is working those thighs and my girl starts to throb. She’s confused yet at the same time… she’s in for the ride

I feel floored to the bed with the weight of my love, she is rubbing my stomach and she’s heading for the girl. I can hear her call out my name… Summer B. what you letting this lady do to me.

She’s on the outside of the clit and she knows where the muscle is. She is stroking with the index fingers. Oil allows a soothingly flow. Circle in, circle out, I am about to explode. I mean… my girl! Come on now. I got limits.

I am laying here with my finger in my mouth. She is stroking the girl to no man land. There is no coming back from here.

I can feel her convulsing. I can feel her heat.

The lady is moving up to my breast and back down again. There seems to be an endless supply of oil that seems to overflow. Skin shinning and heat is rising.

I am…

My girl is loosing her mind. The muscles around her don’t seem to be as tight. She’s asking for a lifejacket to help with all the rain. Says she drowning in my love and I’m about to release the flood gates.

My eyes are rolling in the back of my head…

Well I am the birthday queen…

She takes my toes and puts them up to her lips. As if to kiss. She lays them gently back down on the bed as I can’t take it anymore. My girl is wondering where I am. Ooh baby…

As the lady in the teddy moves her fingers around my naval, I began to release my love while the tips of her fingers find their way down my thigh. She uses both hands to accept my love. Fingers swirling side by side.

She reaches up as I lay convulsing to the beat of a rhythm I am unfamiliar. Takes my nipples and pulls them between her fingers and release.

I am like, bitch… I’m convulsing. What you trying to do to me…

In walks him, my man, as she hurries and cleans up her mess. I mean my mess.

I am laying there with my mouth in my lap. He walks over to me and examines my body. Dips his fingers in the oil and creates a crazy eight on my chest.

and it happens all over, this time it‘s for him..

I am the fucking birthday queen, and I am coming again and again!

copyright 2010 ãSummer Bradshauã, ad


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People who have never been a victim of a subject will never know what the experience was like and how it can embed itself into your life.

When you were growing up, your parents always told you, I LOVE YOU. Or told you how BEAUTIFUL you were each and every day. Never a day without saying how handsome you looked or in other forms, how bad you really are.  An ugly duckling will grow up BEAUTIFUL if its parents instill that into it. Whatever you say or do constantly leaves a mark of said kind.

Words and acts of every kind are embedded into us every day.  Love or hate, negative or positive, our interactions with people is a part of our life, memory, and DNA.

Racist and people who are tired of hearing black lives matter apparently are not understanding what has been embedded into the DNA of the black race.

Let’s go over a few things that people say and hate about black people (using the term used by the majority of the people)

BLACK PEOPLE ARE LAZY; we are constantly hearing people say how black people are lazy.

THE BEGINNING: Let’s get a little history about their work ethics: Forced into slavery as we all know to be true. Google it and learn for yourself about slavery.  history/slavery

Forced to do every form of labor that existed. They cleaned, cooked, killed, breastfed, changed diapers, picked cotton, farmed, labored and had babies for the masters. Blacks used their minds,              hands, and skills to run the country. They are the ones that produced and created empires. They are the ones that came up with inventions to better their workflow. Blacks are the ones who breast fed babies and taught kids how to be kids. They were not lazy before or after slavery.                 They were model citizens until someone decided to beat anger, frustration and every other form of negative and evil into their souls for generations to come.  But the bottom line regardless of being forced or not is … black people have always been an asset to their community. Black peoples, have created billions and billions for the team regularly.  Ask about the black wall street.,_Tulsa


If you are jailed, beaten, killed etc for trying to secure a job or food, What can you do?

                WELFARE and JOBS:  Black people are on welfare and won’t get jobs is what you hear day in and day out. Well ….part of that is very true indeed. Many black people do not have jobs and have to rely on welfare. It’s the reason why is what is crucial here.

                The reason black people don’t have jobs and money is because RACISM does not ALLOW them to.  (did you hear the mic drop? I clearly did)

                You have to be allowed to have a job that pays you money and black people are blacklisted all over this country. Yet how many people have taken advantage of AFRICA? Let’s move on …

Black people were not allowed to do anything. They were not allowed to own anything, have anything or be anything in this life.  Kidnapped by racism and a centered divide. Tainted by lies and pure confusion used to build an empire that excludes the use of them.  And often confused.      Broken by all rules of humanity and civil rights. To this day there is the same divide. Time after time the application for employment is denied. Why? Because of the color of the skin within.

So you have to ask yourself  …why you mad? Why are you mad that blacks are lazy and on welfare when clearly you the racist through racism embedded them to be this?

It is not the black person’s fault that you are racist and won’t’ hire them. It’s not the black person’s fault that you purposely as a teacher, failed to teach them. It’s not the black person’s fault that generation after generation family members become prison members due to lies of racist and their racism ways. If you are purposely jailing blacks, why would you expect their image to be any different?

It’s not the black person’s fault that you won’t allow them to own corporations or businesses. They are smart enough to run a country but you feel if they enjoyed life a little and contributed to humanity that it would be too much for the world to handle. So more confusion as to why you mad?

If you don’t allow black people to own anything, how can they be a more productive citizen?

It’s not the black person’s fault they have to lie on a resume. You the racist through racism don’t allow them to secure employment of any kind. Because they are not allowed regular life privileges, they are going to lack life and job skills to fill in a resume. Of course, some of them have to lie. It’s what you have made us do through your racism.

Everything that black people are is because you have embedded it in them. Hatred, anger, frustration, violence, evil and any other form of negativity. You have created a DNA that projects an automatic defense force by nature. Racism has altered the DNA of AFRICAN AMERICANS greatly and until you stop racism, it shall remain. Blood, tainted with the ugly reminisce of satan.

IF YOU ALLOW BLACK PEOPLE THE SAME RIGHTS AS ALL OTHERS, they can prosper and grow to be good people. Every race has good and bad, you get what you GIVE.

YOU CANT BEAT BADNESS INTO SOMEONE and expect them to be nice. It’s not how DNA is made up.

You asked blacks to be angry and mad by beating them for doing wrong even when they were not wrong. You asked blacks to hate you by raping black women to bare mixed children. You asked black people to want you dead by killing their family for no reason. You do all these horrible things to black people on purpose because of the color of their skin and you expect them to be nice to you. . . IM SO CONFUSED!!!! Aren’t you?

Picture this … you’re sitting and having coffee one day. Someone comes and beats you silly. The next day, the same thing. After 30 days of beatings, you are mad and you come in the coffee shop, armed and very dangerous. You have had enough. You are ready to kill anyone who comes your way. They have embedded hatred and anger inside of you. You will never be able to forget those 30 days of heartache and pain. For no reason you were beaten and tortured day after day.

And for BLACK PEOPLE …they have had to endure more than that. To this day. So when you are mad about why some things are … Find the beginning, the creation of why it is and you will find the truth of all things, good or bad.

You cannot have money without having a job. If you fill out the job application, someone has to allow you to have the job. The job allows people to have money. If there is no job, there is no money. Someone has to give you money or a job. Find a way to employ people without them having to rely on the system of things. Teach people how to employ themselves so they can be better people.

If you want someone to do better, you have to teach them how. Money has to come from somewhere. It’s not just given to you. If there is not a job, there can be a crime for people are desperate to have money to live. YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT MONEY.


BLACK PEOPLE ARE SCARY; People are actually afraid of black people based on what they believed from lying white people.  White people and other races will grab their purse and fear for their lives when walking down a street or getting out the car. Why is that? Well, let’s look into the historical factor of how it all originated.

Blacks were beaten and killed every day of life, just because they were black, male or female, even a child. Being black while walking could be a nightmare for many. Having things taken from them, slapped out of their hands or even set on fire. Walking while black could lead up to any negative force of energy. Blacks were often robbed, beat, hung, killed, slapped and spit up while walking down the street. So again … embedded into their DNA, the walk of death.

When blacks walked down the public street they were afraid they may get kidnapped, beaten,  and hung from a tree on any given day. Black people were so afraid of white people that they didn’t want to come outside. Blacks have spent many years hiding from the hatred of racism that had nothing to do with them. God actually created all races. Literally.

So why when people are walking down the street and they see a black person, they are afraid?    Because of what they have embedded within black people for way too many years.

Blacks were minding their own business when white people asked for their help and kidnapped them into slavery because they were smart and productive. Black people did not have a right to what race they were born into, as no one does. NO ONE HAS A CHOICE TO BE BORN so why are people hated for a race they had no control over?

Black people have done what you have forced them to do …when you back off, their DNA will too.

RACISM HAS KIDNAPPED THE LIVES OF BLACK PEOPLE and you got the nerve to be mad! I’m so confused.

YOU TELL BLACK PEOPLE TO GO BACK TO AFRICA when you are the ones that kidnapped them and demanded that they build America for free. YOU BROUGHT THEM HERE!  Now you want them to go back? How can they when Africa is now filled with WHITE PEOPLE? I’m so so confused.






Looking for “Christ”mas in all the wrong places!

In Summer's World



As I woke up alone this Christmas morning, no tree, no gifts, no family or friends and nothing to do, so I decided today being Christmas would be about the reason for the season, Jesus. It’s his birthday after all so I decided to take a walk and find Christmas and all that Christmas brings.

It snowed last night, right on time for Christmas, so the air was clear and crisp and the view of the streets were priceless. Just enough snow to let you know, Santa was here.
I actually didn’t know why I was outside but as I walked, the mission became very clear. To be one with God on this day, to allow him to share with me what Christmas brings (his son Jesus).
LOOKING FOR CHRISTMAS in all the wrong places, as we all often do.

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Obviously, yet randomly, the brain has simply fallen asleep,

Isn’t it obvious by the reactions to everyday people you meet?

Obliviousness to the obviousness is the new fad and theme

Isn’t it scary how the intertwine of the mind seems to lack …. Almost everything?

It’s clearly obvious that one is oblivious to the basic game of life.

Rid of your strife …


Don’t be so oblivious to the obvious!


(2016 Summer Bradshau)




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Looking for “Christ”mas in all the wrong places!



As I woke up alone this Christmas morning, no tree, no gifts, no family or friends and nothing to do, so I decided today being Christmas would be about the reason for the season, Jesus. It’s his birthday after all so I decided to take a walk and find Christmas and all that Christmas brings.

It snowed last night, right on time for Christmas, so the air was clear and crisp and the view of the streets were priceless. Just enough snow to let you know, Santa was here.
I actually didn’t know why I was outside but as I walked, the mission became very clear. To be one with God on this day, to allow him to share with me what Christmas brings (his son Jesus).
LOOKING FOR CHRISTMAS in all the wrong places, as we all often do.
As I walked, my first reminder of “Christ”mas was a church on the street corner. As I walked by the church with Christmas wreaths on its doors, the spirit spoke to me and It stopped me dead in my tracks. I had to pull the camera out and take a picture. The spirit said, “the doors of the church are open”!


I have often heard this many of times in the church, “the doors of the church are open”, as the preacher preached and asked for new members and it made me wonder, “why aren’t the doors of the church open on Christmas day”? ALL DAY!

I mean Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ yet as I walked many miles in my quest to find Christmas, the doors to many churches were closed and empty.

In my heart, I see open doors, I see people piling in to celebrate Jesus. Lighting a candle in his honor, singing him praises, at all hours of Christmas day. What a perfect way for those who are alone to be able to feel the love that Christmas brings. To honor Jesus and his ultimate sacrifice.


So I continued my walk and my wonder in the empty streets that were blessed with snow on Christmas day, yet not enough for the kids to play.
As cars passed by, there were no HAPPY HOLIDAY WAVES or smiles on anyone’s face. Some wore Christmas hats and others wore faces of stress as they hurried along their merry way.

I ventured into downtown where it’s always busy, only to find the streets so empty, no creature was stirring, not even a mouse. I passed by many churches along the way, closed doors is all they say. I couldn’t find Christmas anywhere.

The sandwich shop was empty, no one waiting in line to eat. The coffee shop was shut down, no one roasting beans at its peak.


There was the music store not playing any tunes and the mad hatter bar and grill was on chill.

mad hatter.JPG

The further I walked the emptier the streets got and the churches, kept coming my way, yet I didn’t stray, I kept hope alive in finding Christmas today. I passed a beautiful Ice sculpture and Christmas wreaths and finally a human came trotting by, I happily exclaimed “Merry Christmas”, only to hear absolutely nothing in return. No one was home, as he hurried on. Oh well.

What’s funny is, this walk was completely narrated by Jesus with every step that I took, like I was writing a book. OKayyy….. so, God was in complete control, I get this. I am out looking for his son so what was I expecting. Nothing but the best intentions.

The only place that showed signs of activity and people were at the hotel downtown. There were cars and a few people, a family of such, walking to their car. Skipping and playing along the way with smiles on their face. That made my day. I moved on.


I wondered what happened to the lonely people today, what was open that would allow them human contact so they didn’t feel alone. Where could they go to not feel so sad and lonely?  I took pictures of the things I saw so that I would not forget, the city has shut down so that they can celebrate today but what are they celebrating? Could it be …. Christmas or Jesus or nothing at all. Maybe just a quiet day to not work or deal with life, for just one day.

I walked, in the cold as my feet began to get tired, my love for Christ carried me further. I’m on a mission to find Christmas and I can’t let my sore feet stop me.
I’ve walked so far, yet I haven’t found Jesus. . . as I turn the corner to head back in a different direction, I pass by more churches with closed doors and empty parking lots.

The businesses were empty, the parking meters were just the same and Jesus was to blame. There was no one at the print shop to get papers printed. The attorney office was closed, no one to bail out in time to go home for Christmas.


The local library read CLOSED for the day, and as I passed the GREYHOUND bus station, there was no one there to greet me. Empty, as if the world ended last night while I was sleeping.

My feet are tired and the narrations are dwindling …
I see more churches, beautiful as they stand yet because they are empty, I begin to wonder. The doors of the church should be open today, for the people who wish to worship Jesus in their own way. Where do I go and what do I do? I was beginning to have no clue. But then again, God was speaking to me and Jesus was walking with me as I took each step… remember, he’s my narrator.


I see the city park and there is a very large Christmas Tree, let’s go see!
I make my way over to the tree and there is no one there singing …no Christmas carols or praises to Jesus. Just empty, yet the plaque reads, it was gifted for people and “the gathering”. Yet today, no one cared to gather, and sing yule time themes.


I pause, I prayed, I continued on my way when I’m stopped in amazement as what I hear in the background somewhere …omg I stopped and starred … behind me, its coming from behind me, the sound of what Christmas brings, so I quickly pulled out my video and start recording so I don’t forget that sound. ITS THE SOUND OF CHRISTMAS MUSIC BEING PLAYED OUT-LOUD!

The entire surrounding of the church on the corner and I need to be a part of this, so as I record, I start walking. Walking faster and faster as I enjoy the noise of Christmas carols played with love.

As I get closer and I cross the street, I arrive with a smile on my face, only for the music to silently fade away. IT STOPPED! OH NO … are you serious?

I thought I found Christmas yet it was just for that moment and I’m assuming it was to help me understand where exactly Christmas is. It wasn’t at that church, that’s for sure.
I began my journey home, empty handed and empty heart, when God spoke to me this:

“Christmas is all about my son Jesus and you cannot find him anywhere but here” (as he pointed to my heart) and he explained that what I was looking for was already inside of me. ‘The bible my dear child is what CHRISTMAS brings”. It brings the TRUTH about Christmas and the story to be told, and however you celebrate Jesus will be your CHRISTMAS!


To honor, to love and to obey, that’s how you find Christmas today!
I kept walking in the direction of home, for there was no need to keep looking for Christmas, or Jesus in this ice cold.

I passed by the empty fire station, no sirens going off and no flag at half staff. I passed by the empty train tracks, no trains delivering goods today. I passed by house after house and what I see, some acknowledge with Christmas decorations and wreaths. The local news paper company was empty as a cave, no stories about Jesus on this Christmas day.


I saw through a window, a few gathered around the Christmas tree, wearing Santa hats and laughing. Made me smile as I head home alone, taking pictures of the reminders of what Christmas is to some.

As I walked I began to pray for every house and business that I passed and my feet touched its pathways, praying for their peace and happiness for today… my walk was not done in vain. It taught me where to find CHRISTMAS in the most amazing type of way.


I picked up pine cones and kicked a few rocks … I FINALLY FOUND JESUS/CHRISTMAS and he was always in my heart.
We spend so much time, shopping for gifts and spending money on useless things, we forget the true meaning of Christmas. Jesus was born as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins, doesn’t he deserve to have a seat at your table or a gift under your tree? What are you doing to celebrate Jesus on a day set aside for him?




Summer N. Bradshau


copyright 2015